Lavant Horticultural Society, Lavant, Chichester

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Autumn Flower Competition

Wednesday 11th October

There was a particularly good display

in the dahlia classes and for the vase of mixed garden flowers.

By contrast, there were few entries of chrysanthemums, squashes and apples.

Michael Kingsford won the prize for the highest number of points overall, with Eileen Morris scoring the second highest.

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Saturday 5th August

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Lavant Memorial Hall was filled with an exceptionally good display.

The total number of individual entries at 400 was by far the highest in recent years.

There were also more exhibitors, just over 50, comprising not only members,

but also Lavant allotment holders and other local residents.

The exhibits were of a high standard, with the vegetables and flowers

apparently unscathed by the rain & winds in the days leading up to the Show.

As usual, the Show attracted

a large number of visitors.

Many stayed to enjoy tea or coffee and home-

made cake, some dodging the odd shower to

sit outside on the Village Green.

In all, a vibrant and enjoyable community event.

A review of the exhibits

Flowers, Vegetables & Fruit                Home Produce, Handicrafts, Juniors

Flower Arrangements

The excellent flower arrangements over the

past few years have been created by quite a small number of members.

This year, they maintained the high standard, but were joined in this by three more entrants showing in these classes for the first time.

Here are some of the exhibits.

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Annual Show 2017 - full results

Michael Kingsford again led the field in the horticultural classes.

However, many others had their share of success - 24 exhibitors won at least on first prize, with almost 90% of those who entered achieving a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize.

The Trophy Winners 2017

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Thanks to Connie Ellison and Robert Newman for their photographs included in this report

Show Schedule 2017

Winning Photos

in the 2 photography classes

'Close up' and 'Wildlife'

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Spring Flower Competition   8th March 2017

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The number of exhibits was much higher than last year.

Both daffodil classes were particularly prolific, as were the vases of mixed garden flowers.

Camellias and hellebores had survived the rain & winds and entries surpassed anything seen in recent years.

Congratulations to all those who entered, for not only the number, but also the quality of the entries.

Michael Kingsford won the overall prize with 1st place in 4 classes, but the other prizes were spread among 8 of the 25 entrants.

Many of the other entries were worthy of a prize. The judge, Tim Woodland, had great difficulty in deciding on the winners in daffodils, his specialist area. Likewise, it was a close run thing for the prizes in the vase of garden flowers & camellia classes.

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