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ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW 2019  Saturday 3rd August

This year's Annual Show was launched at our April meeting - to give everyone plenty of time to plan their entries.

Members attending this meeting received their Show Schedule. Those who were not there should have had their Show Schedule delivered as usual.

However, the Show is not just for members, but for the whole local community: it is open to entries from any resident of Lavant or Summersdale and also from any Lavant allotment holder. Download Show Schedule & Entry Form here >

For juniors, the idea of local community is even wider: children or grandchildren of anyone eligible to exhibit in the Show are entitled to put in entries as juniors, wherever they live, as are any pupils of Lavant Primary School.

If you have never shown before, or just want to check how you can make the most of your produce, we have several advice sheets which should help you prepare and present your exhibits.                                Download help sheets here >

If you already have your Show Shedule, please note that it includes two errors that may be misleading:

1. On page two, Rule 1 states "Only one entry per household or allotment in adult classes 1-56 & 201-211." This should read "... classes 1-50 & 210-211"; it only covers the Vegetables & Fruit and Flowers sections. It does not apply to Flower Arrangements. Every individual member of a household can enter their own flower arrangement, in the same way as for handicrafts and home produce.

2. In the list of trophies and their current holders, the Lock Challenge Cup for flowers is shown as covering classes 28 to 47 (as it was when awarded last year). However, with the introduction of two new flower classes, in 2019 this cup will be awarded to the exhibitor with the most points in classes 28- 49; i.e. points gained for gladioli and lilies will also count.

These errors have already been corrected in the Show Schedule that can be downloaded here

If you ever have any queries, just contact the Show Secretary, Roger Hart at

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and Barry Newman's talk

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Look back at last year's Show

In spite of a freezing spring, then the summer's exceptional heat & drought; the high number of entries and their good quality was very encouraging. At 416, the number of individual entries even exceeded the record set in 2017.

Flower Arrangements

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Winning Photos

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Spring Flower Competition

Wednesday 13th March

Although the stormy weather will certainly have damaged some potential entries, the number and quality of the exhibits was surprisingly high, giving one of the best Spring Flower Competitions of recent years.

It was really competitive, with 8 different winners of First Prizes over the 10 classes                        click any picture to enlarge

For the full results, click below

Link to 2019 results

The overall winner was Eileen Morris.

Autumn Flower Competition

Helped by the unseasonably warm weather, entries were at an exceptionally high level:

15 members brought 41 exhibits in total, compared with 34 in 2017 and 33 in 2016.

Particularly impressive were the Vase of Garden Flowers and Autumn Flower Arrangement classes, not only in respect of the number of entries, but also of their quality. Together with the dahlias, they put on a really glorious display.

Wednesday 10th October 2018

Browse through the various exhibits


The overall winner was Roger Hart,

particularly successful with his dahlias.

Thanks to Connie Ellison for many of the photos used in this report