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Bright red berries of Pyracantha

A short selection of things to do in the garden at this time, also published each month in the Lavant News

November (to return to December, click on the Viburnum bodnantense to the right).

Get greenhouses ready for winter: fumigate or disinfect thoroughly to remove pests and clean the glass to let most light through; insulating with bubble-wrap on the inside helps maintain warmth in a cold greenhouse and reduces costs if it is to be heated.


If outside taps are not properly insulated against the cold, turn off the supply of water to them at the tap inside the house; then open up the outside tap, so that any water in the pipe can expand if it freezes without causing damage.

If very cold weather is forecast, containers left outside can be lagged with bubble-wrap to protect both the pot and the roots inside against hard frosts.

Lift and store dahlias, cannas and tuberous bedding begonias as soon as they are hit by the frost. Alternatively, if you are risking leaving them in situ, protect them with a very thick layer of mulch.

A good layer of mulch should also be applied to borderline hardy plants, such as Agapanthus, Gaura, Kniphofia and Phygelius, to help them survive the cold.

Cutting back penstemons is best left until April/May. Mild spells can see them flowering until early winter. The old faded stems will then help to protect the crowns from frosts - mulching over the crowns will also help.

November is the month for planting tulip bulbs. Also, lily bulbs can still be planted in pots and either brought inside next spring for an early display, or left outside to flower naturally in summer.

There is still time to plant overwintering garlic, onion and shallots. If you have had problems with white rot in any of the Allium family (garlic, onions, shallots, leek), avoid planting in soil previously used for alliums, as this disease persists in the soil for many years. If necessary, plant in containers.

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