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'Secret Corner of France'

Mike Read

Mike gave us an excellent presentation on the Vercors region, a natural park situated south of Grenoble, where he guides wildlife visits that he now organises himself.

The remarkable quality of his photography showed  stunning vistas of mountains, forests and

green valleys to wonderful effect.

He presented its flora and fauna with top quality images:

        alpine pastures with masses of wild flowers;

        an unbelievably wide variety of wild orchids;

        many species of birds not to be seen in the UK,

        including eagles, vultures & other birds of prey;

        a wide range of mammals from marmots to ibex.

Find out more from Mike's own website

by clicking on the picture above.


Garden Visit 12th July

The weather was perfect and the expectations raised  by Garden Director Wolfgang Bopp's introduction

at the January meeting were not disappointed.

The highlight was the Centenary Border - the longest in the country, but equally impressive for the quality anddepth of its planting, set off by the trees.behind.

However, there was much more of interest in these multi-facetted gardens, full of promise for any season.

Lavant Christmas Fayre

Saturday 25th November

Lavant Memorial Hall  2 - 4 pm

Come to the Lavant Horticultural Society stall for your Christmas plants and wreaths.

The Hall will be packed with other festive stalls.

Image description


Aster amellus, its Friends & Family

Monica Lucas

Image description

Monica showed many varieties of Aster amellus & several other powdery mildew resistant Michaelmas daisies with both images and plants in flower.

She highlighted their advantage in bringing late colour to the garden, showed how they could fit in with other plants & gave tips on growing them successfully.

For more details of Monica's talk, click here:


Sunday 14th May

Total sales beat the record set 2 years ago.

There was a high turn-out for this community event. Sales of the wide selection of plants, from members &

from East Ashling Nurseries, went very quickly. Many stayed to enjoy a cream tea and catch up with friends.

The members' plants' section was particularly well stocked - many thanks to everyone who donated plants.


'Roses with a Twist'

Roger Hirons

Click on the rose

(Mme Alfred Carrière)

to read the notes

on Roger Hiron's talk

Link to not on Roger Hiron's talk

Roger's talk was packed full of useful information.

The "Twist" was that the "roses" in the title meant

the whole rose family,

link to Rosaceae family details

For information on previous talks, go to the Archive

Lavant Village Fete

Saturday 17th June

The Plant Stall run by Lavant Horticultural Society had a very busy afternoon, raising well over £500, used with  the other Fete takings to support various local causes.

This was due to the excellent range of plants that were on offer - many thanks to everyone who donated plants.

Special thanks to Mick Bleach of  Bleach of Lavant - the plants he sourced were key to the stall's success.