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A short selection of things to do in the garden this month, with links to more comprehensive advice.

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A priority this month will be to prepare seed beds and begin sowing seeds, especially for those of you who are thinking of entering  produce and flowers into the Annual Show in August.

Keep on top of early weed growth by hoeing off any emerging weeds and putting on a thick layer of mulch.


The early part of the month is the last chance to plant out bare-rooted plants, such as fruit trees, bushes & canes, roses and hedging. The window might be short this year, given the exceptional warm spell.

This month cut back hard shrubs such as Cornus (dogwood) and Salix (willow), grown for their colourful winter stems. This will stimulate the production of the new stems that will give the most vibrant colour for next winter. After cutting back, they will benefit from a feed with a balanced fertiliser and a mulch.

All rose pruning should be completed as soon as possible. The roses will benefit from feeding with a granular rose fertiliser. Look out for the first signs of aphids on new growth.

Trim winter-flowering heathers as the flowers fade. Shears are the ideal tool. This will prevent the plants from becoming leggy and bare.

Now is an ideal time to lift and divide clumps of herbaceous perennials, to reinvigorate them, stop them outgrowing their space and provide additional plants to use elsewhere. Take the opportunity to remove pernicious weeds, such as couch grass, bindweed and ground elder, before replanting the perennials - give them a balanced feed , make sure they have sufficient moisture and finish off with a good mulch.

When dividing your perennials, please don’t forget to pot up any spare plants you may have for our Annual Plant Sale on Sunday 12th May . Likewise, when potting on your seedlings you will usually have more than you can use, so please pot on more and keep them in good condition for the Plant Sale.

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Fruit trees and bushes

Now is a good time to plant fruit. However, with the vast array of varieties, choosing the ones whose fruit you like, which can also pollinate each other so that they will set fruit, can be quite a maze.

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Wildlife in the garden


First sightings in 2019

Early arrivals

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