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The Archive contains interesting information from past talks at Lavant Horticultural Society meetings, as well as pictures of events and results of shows & competitions from previous years.

So if you want to check something you vaguely remember from a past meeting, see what happened in previous Shows & Competitions, or just have a look at what Lavant Horticultural Society has been doing, you have come to the right place.

Shows & Competitions

Notes from past talks

Useful Information

The notes from Barry Newman's talk 'Preparing for the Show' under "Notes from past talks" to the right, will also be useful to anyone thinking of entering the Show.

Spring Flower Competitions

2017 Results   Pictures

2015  Results 

2016  Results    Pictures

Autumn Flower Competitions

2016  Results    Pictures

2015  Results     Pictures

Rosy Hardy     
October 2015

Barry Newman

December 2015

Andy McIndoe

April 2016

Barry Newman

June 2016

Mark Saunders

October 2016

Tim Woodford

March 2017

Defibrillator talk & demonstration December 2016 - click for reminder

Some information is in the form of PDF documents

If you cannot open PDFs, download Adobe Reader - it's reliable, safe and free.

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